Dr. Kyla Latrice, D.M.

Chair of Board, President, and Global CEO of 

Lady Mirage Global, Inc. (global conglomerate) & 

World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF)

World Leader, Senator for the

United States of America

WBAF Affiliated Partner: G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI)

WBAF Executive Council Member and Co-Chair of Board of Directors for the Global Women Leader's Committee (GWLC) alongside women listed herein.

University of AGC, Forbes School of Business & Technology DoS Board Advisors Member

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"Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want". -Ken Poirot

Here's who I am & what I do

Are you ready to learn about all things concerning business, consulting, health (physical and financial), and maintaining organizations? If so, you're in the right place. Briefly, I help corporations (and people too) recover, grow, expand, and/or advance, using a variety of strategies, tools, and schemes. Hence, recover from crises, reduce risks, improve performance, and grow revenues.


Read my executive biography to learn more about me.  Click on practice to learn about my fields of principal professional clinical activity as an organizational leader, scholar, and practitioner.