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WBAF Executive Council and Board Members for the WBAF Global Women Leader's Committee (GWLC) Dr. K works alongside (and in some cases, appointed at Board Members) are:

**This is not an exhaustive list**


  • Her Excellency (H.E.) Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, GWLC President, Former President of the Republic of Croatia

  • Ms. Feryal Abdullah Nass, Co-Chair of GWLC Board, WBAF High Commission to Bahrain, Bahrain Country Director, & Founder and Chairwoman of Bahrain Entrepreneurship Organization (BEO), Kingdom of ​Bahrain

  • Ms. Barbara Dietrich, GWLC Board Member, President and Founder of Diplomatic World Institute (, Diplomatic World Magazine, and Institutional Partner at FEMOZA World Free & Special Economic Zones; Diplomatic Worldis the links politics, diplomacy, business finance, art & cultural diplomacy, Belgium

  • Ms. Danela Arsovska, GWLC Board Member, Board Member & President at Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Czechia, Chair of Macedonian Union of Employers' Organizations, and Consul to Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Hungary

  • H.E. Martha Delgado, GWLC VP, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mexico

  • Ms. Deborah Walliser, GWLC Board Member, Chief Executive Officer - "Got Produce? Franchising, Inc.", Agriculture, San Francisco, USA & Namibia South Africa

  • H.E. Swati Mandela (grand-daughter of Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela), GWLC VP,

       WBAF High Commissioner to South Africa

  • Ms. Yulia Stark, GWLC Board Member, CEO and President of European Women's Association (EWA); Partner at WEgate for the European Commission; WEgate: European Gateway for Women Entrepreneurs, Belgium

  • Ms. Rina Cosentino, GWLC Board Member (past), VP Global Business Networks Subcommittee, President World Trade Center, Basilicata, Italy

  • H.E. Angela Gerekou, GWLC VP, President of Greek National Tourism Organisation, Greece 

  • H.E. Dunya Maumoon, GWLC VP, Foreign Affairs Minister, Maldives

  • ...and a other women leaders and many titles.

Our GWLC Global Partnerships Include: (1) the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), (2) World Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (FCEM), (3) International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), (4)International Finance Corporation - World Bank (IFC), (5) Junior Chamber International (JCI)

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