Overall, as an organizational leadership and organizational development practitioner, Dr. Tennin's key practice areas are of organizational development, organizational behavior, change management, and occupational psychology.  To provide organizational support to corporations, EAPs, consultancies, and investment firms around the world in the areas of corporate strategy, employee recruitment, retention, performance, and integrated talent solutions. 


Inclusive of corporate trainings and workshops on work-life issues, financial services resources, business strategy, risk management and compliance, operations and processes, data science, analysis, and, visualization, and behavioral health, as examples. Industries Dr. Tennin serve's, that align with her life's purpose and academic and deep professional experience are:

  • Financial Services                Public Sector (Federal Governments)               Consumer Products

  • Higher Education                Hospitality, Events, & Hotels                           Banking

  • Automotive                                Health Insurance                                                           Food & Beverage

  • Restaurant                                  Media & Entertainment                                                Retail

  • Fashion & Beauty                       Real Estate & Mortgage                                              Advertising & Marketing

Specifically, Dr. Tennin's practice areas according to "Editorial Manager's" Classification system for organizational practitioners and clinical psychologists:   (


.501.1: Corporate Culture and Diversity

.501.2: Leadership

.501.3: Group Behavior, Motivation, and Teamwork (e.g. personnel assessments)

.501.4: Business and Emotional Intelligence

.501.5: Change Management

.501.6: Organizational Communication

.501.7: Organizational Training

.501.8: Management Philosophy/Human Capital

Business/Business Administration:

20.101: Business Administration

20.101.4: Entrepreneurship

20.101.5: Global and Ecommerce

20.101.6: Business Strategy

20.401.5: Job Evaluation/Compensation/Job Task Analysis

20.401.8: Teams, Training, and Work Motivation

20.501: Management/Leadership

20.501.3: Group Behavior, Motivation, and Teamwork

Applied Contribution:

.300.1: Organizational Application

.300.2: Practical Application

.300.3: Clinical Applications

20: Business and Organizations

20.101: Business Administration

20.101.1: Human Resources

20.101.6: Business Strategy

20.101.7: Decision-Making & Planning

20.101.9: Marketing

20.301: Policy/Governance

20.301.4: Business & Planning Practices

20.501: Management/Leadership

20.501.2: Leadership